It’s great to hear how hypnotherapy helps my clients:

Audition Confidence:

James, Bucks: Kathryn’s therapy space is a blanket on a cold winter’s night.  She is incredibly warm and generous.  She listens objectively and empathetically and no obstacle is too big or small.  She has given me tools to implement in the future and I am beginning to see really promising results.  I couldn’t recommend Kathryn highly enough.

Flying Phobia:

Jo, Hertfordshire: “I wanted to let you know how successful our sessions had been. I felt no anxiety in the build up to my flight. The flight was quite bumpy but I was able to cope fairly well. Coming home I feared I may struggle as we were taking off through a storm and then flying over hurricane Ophelia… It was the bumpiest flight I’ve ever been on but I was absolutely able to deal with it in a logical manner!! So once again thank you so much.”

Needle Phobia:

Matt, Hertfordshire, 16: “I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, I’ve just had my first blood test for my treatment and I encountered no problems for the first time, your exercises and the recording really helped and it’s a relief to know that I don’t have to go through the discomfort that has plagued my recent blood tests. Thanks for all your help I know I can now approach blood tests with a positive mindset knowing that I’ve got the know-how to beat it.”

Next Steps coaching:

Alice, Hertfordshire: “Kathryn was recommended to me at a time where I felt I was at a bit of a crossroads in terms of my career. Hypnotherapy wasn’t something that I had ever considered as I didn’t understand how beneficial it could be to someone in my position. Kathryn worked with me to help me see a different perspective and get a better understanding of all the possibilities and options and made me think differently about my skills and abilities, she gave me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone and explore new career opportunities and was really helpful with interview techniques. I am hugely thankful for the advice, support and guidance that Kathryn offered – I’m excited to be starting a new job tomorrow and Kathryn certainly played a part in this.”

Personal Development:

Kari, Buckinghamshire: “When I came to Kathryn I felt very low, but couldn’t work out why, and couldn’t see a way forward. Her clear and caring approach helped me to realise what my issues really were, and helped me to find a way forward to deal with them. I would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone looking for clarity and a way to move forward.”

Tash, Hertfordshire:  “I came to Kathryn with an open mind and a recurring bout of low self-esteem that had begun to pervade my working life.  Kathryn’s understanding and empathy created a safe environment for me and I was able to explore areas I’d previously struggled with.  Her practical approach gives you tools that fit with you and how you work, opposed to a one size fits all; she does this by listening and responding in time with you.  Working with Kathryn to truly discover my value, my values and what motivates me, allowed me to challenge myself and I’ve now taken myself down a different path and gone back into education.”

Debbie, Senior Manager and Executive Recruiter, Bucks:  “I’ve had a few sessions with Kathryn working on my personal development, confidence and self belief. She is very calm, personable, intuitive and has a subtle and delicate approach. This allowed me to have confidence to have freedom of speech in a safe and protected environment. I’ve been able to explore my innermost thoughts. She is able to use a variety of techniques to suit the treatment needed. It has been an enjoyable and fascinating journey. I would highly recommend Kathryn’s services.”

Natasha, Hertfordshire: “I entered Kathryn’s consulting room feeling low, slightly tearful and with a certain ‘heaviness’ around me. Kathryn provided a wonderfully comfortable, safe environment where all my thoughts and ramblings were completely free of judgement. I was able to explore my self limiting beliefs, experience some light-bulb moments as to what was causing them and work out how to master them going forwards.  I left with a renewed sense of confidence in both my own abilities and my business choices.

I feel I have worked sufficiently on the areas I wanted to address in the immediate term but know I will be back to see Kathryn in the future because there are times when I need a bit of perspective and the ability to stop circular thoughts crowding out the calm and positivity in my mind. Kathryn helps achieve that and I am very grateful.”

Panic Attacks:

Laura Berrill, St Albans, Journalist: “In my profession being very cynical is just part of the job and previous to meeting Kathryn all I knew about hypnotherapy I felt was rather ‘fluffy’. However, after I first heard Kathryn explain what she does at a networking meeting I began to understand what a powerful tool – in the right and most professional hands – hypnotherapy could be.

Therefore after suffering from panic attacks about driving on motorways and with an upcoming holiday which would involve motorway travel, I decided to give her a try.  Kathryn explained the process so clearly it made absolute sense to me and after a couple of hours, although I was trepidacious, I came away feeling extremely positive. As a result the car journey lost its edge. It didn’t cure me completely but it was so much better than ever before. I aim to go back again.”

Pain control:

Rebecca, Bucks: “I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to see Kathryn. I definitely didn’t understand what a hypnotherapy session would be and had some very incorrect preconceptions  (sorry Kathryn)! They were all gone very quickly. Kathryn is professional, kind, considerate and easy to talk to. She asks you thought provoking questions and then gives you the space to answer them. She helped me understand why many of my headaches start, gave me to tools to prevent them and how to deal with them if they started. It’s been a couple of years since I saw Kathryn and my one session still helps. Thank you.”

Relationship issues:

G, London: “Kathryn helped me regain a lot of self-confidence after the breakdown of a relationship. I cannot thank her enough for the change in not only my confidence but for reigniting that happier flame inside me that had burnt out for a long time.”


Claire and Dan, Berkhamsted.  First time parents – “We would both like to say thank you so much for your expertise – it meant I felt prepared for labour, but most importantly able to deal with changes as they happened and stay focused on the end and meeting our little boy. I didn’t appreciate the difference it would make – staying calm and focused means we can look back on birth and feel like we did our best to bring him into the world in the most positive way we could.  Thank you again!”

Fran, second time mum, Hertfordshire – “I met with Kathryn during my second pregnancy as I was feeling very anxious about the birth second time around. I had a very negative experience with my first labour and wanted to approach it in a better frame of mind this time. I definitely benefited from talking through my experiences and anxieties with someone impartial. With Kathryn’s help I was able to approach the second birth with an open mind. As a result I had a much better experience and felt able to make informed choices on the day without the level of panic I felt first time. I am finally able to put the traumas of my first labour behind me.”

Sophia, first time mum, Buckinghamshire – “My labour was 4hrs – not bad at all for my 1st baby!  And I got through it all with no pain medication or any gas and air – I relied entirely on my breathing and my safe space.  Thank you for your sessions as I think that they helped me get through the labour massively.  I was very calm and looking back at it it seemed – dare I say it – manageable!  It was a text book story.  One of the ‘good’ stories that we never really hear about!”

Nathalie, second time mum – “Little girl, 9lb natural birth which nearly happened at home – your hypno-birthing download was too good. Listened to it before bed and woke up at midnight with an urge to push!!  So it worked!”

Angela, first time mum – “Just to let you know the birth went really well, the midwife said how calm and cooperative I was. The trainee said it was the most calm birth that he had experienced. I was 7cm dilated before I went to hospital and had gas and air and for the last hour of the labour I had nothing. Thanks again for your help.”

Kathryn’s therapy space is a blanket on a cold winter’s night.