Are you prepared for your Next Step?

OneBreath Next Steps is a programme to support you as you explore the possibilities open to you as you move ahead with the next stage in your life. Far more than careers guidance or coaching, Next Steps gives you the opportunity to understand yourself better, explore your beliefs and values, and allows you to take a step back to explore who you are as a person, and where you want to go from here.

Who can benefit from Next Steps?

• sixth form students making university or apprenticeship choices

• graduates

• those who have finished an internship

• young people ready to move on from their first job

• people returning to work after a break for maternity leave or illness

• people looking to make a career change.

Whatever your stage in life it might be time for you to take a breath, and consider your Next Steps.

How does it work?

Presented over three 90 minute modules, the OneBreath Next Steps programme gives you the opportunity to explore your direction in a confidential, non judgemental, creative space.

Module 1

• Understand your personality, your values and beliefs and your signature strengths

• Explore the things that drive and motivate you

• Identify and remove any blocks or obstacles that might be holding you back

Module 2

• Develop skills to communicate effectively with others

• Build your confidence with straightforward tools and techniques

• Learn effective techniques to manage stress and anxiety

Module 3

• Discover how a growth mindset can encourage your development in the years ahead

• Come up with keystone habits to support you as you progress

• Choose clear and achievable goals that you can aim for


£300 (Payment options available on request)

OneBreath Next Steps is a modular programme with the flexibility for you to take your Next Steps at the right time for you. You can choose to complete the programme over the course of three weeks, three months or even over a year, but I recommend that the modules are completed in sequence as each builds on the knowledge you gain from the one before, and that all modules are completed within the maximum of a 12 month period.

Ongoing support

OneBreath Next Steps is dedicated to providing you with a supportive framework as you progress, and follow up sessions are available to you after you finish the programme. Should you wish I will keep in monthly contact with you for up to six months with 30 minute Skype/Zoom/FaceTime follow up calls at a cost of £30 per call.


Whilst the programme is already structured to achieve the best outcome for you, it might be that you have specific concerns or worries that we can address along the way, and the programme is flexible enough to accommodate these.


You will have the opportunity to think about your Next Steps in a calm, confidential and professional space in the privacy and comfort of my home office in Berkhamsted.

For further information about OneBreath Next Steps, please call or email me for a free 30 minute no obligation chat.

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