I don’t do labels…

16th May 2016

Every one of us is unique.  And so is my therapy.  I see every client, no matter their issue, as an individual with an individual way of doing their problem.

I approach every session with a blank page and a mind full of the different ways I could help.  Listening and watching carefully I pick what I believe to be the best thing to help each client in the best way suited to them, at the right pace for them.

Just as weight gain could be caused by bad eating habits, it could equally be an emotional block that needs clearing.  Just as a phobia could be caused by a bad experience, it might be shifted by a positive past experience.  Just as stage fright could be a visual distortion of a hostile crowd, it could also be a reflection of low confidence.

I don’t do labels.  I do people.  And that’s what makes each and every day, and each and every client, different and special.