OBH Workshops and Events

OneBreath is available to deliver bespoke workshops for your team or organisation.  Workshop themes include: communication skills, how to overcome stress, dealing with anxiety and goal setting.  Please get in touch for more information, or to reserve your individual place on one of the workshops below email kathryn@onebreath.org.uk



“Your Re-Think your Stress workshop was very enlightening.  I enjoyed the fact that it was simple to follow and gave us strategies which we can take away and put in practice easily.  As a fellow therapist, this enables me to help my clients further.  As a daughter, it’s enabled me to see why my father is feeling ‘stressed’, to speak to him in a way which can help lighten his load and not cause him to feel more oppressed.  As a mum, it has equipped me to help my sons counteract and convert any unhelpful messages they receive from school, their peers (and also family if we’re not being mindful!). Thank you as always – you are a font of knowledge and wisdom.”  A

“Thank you to Kathryn for her life changing talk “Rethink Your Stress”. The message about labeling your stresses more accurately and responding accordingly hit home.  I have talked to my family about it and we are all now busy rethinking the “S” word. It really was a light bulb moment!” Jaqui